by Rohanimah

MSU-IIT as avenue for more ideas worth spreading

“Ideas worth spreading” is the tagline of the internationally renowned conference held around the world. It is also known as TEDx Talks. On June 27, 2015, a faculty member of MSU-IIT Integrated Development School, Prof. Louis Mark N. Plaza has been granted license to organize the first ever TEDxMSU-IIT along with other faculty members from the College of Arts and Social Sciences, College of Business and Accountancy, College of Nursing, and School of Computer Studies.

TEDx has extended its ability to influence communities in initiating an independently organized TEDx event through different institutions who also believe in the power of ideas to create innovations and eventually change lives. Recently, other local areas also made their way in creating their own conferences such as TEDxXU (Xavier University) and TEDxButuan.

“During the application process, the TEDx team will tell you over and over again that TED is all about ideas and not speakers,” Prof. Mark N. Plaza emphasizes in his blog entry entitled “10 Things You Need To Know About TEDxMSUIIT” since most of the time, the speakers of the said event are experts in a particular field or advocates of a specific cause. “We had to present ideas which are diverse and follow the rules set by TED. For TEDxMSUIIT, the ideas vary from one interest to another,” he added.

The concept of TEDx has evolved from addressing topics about Science and Culture to almost anything under the sun that people find relevant and important in their daily lives. This may include topics that do not necessarily have the attention of everyone but given in-depth analysis, people can actually relate to. Unlike other conferences, TEDx does not only give opportunities for people to speak up but to connect with one another.

TEDx Talks are usually recorded and uploaded in YouTube in line with the event’s goal to spread the unique ideas in a certain community and for the rest of the world to participate in the discourse that it can formulate online. All breakthroughs do seem to begin with an idea.

TEDxMSUIIT will have its debut on November 27, 2015 (5:30 to8:30 PM) at its tentative venue MSU-IIT Mini Theater with the theme: In the Land of Promise.

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