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Mindanao Forum December 2014 issue out

The December 2014 issue of the Mindanao Forum (MF), the official journal of the MSU-IIT is out. This Ched-accredited journal is published by the MSU-IIT Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

The journal is edited by Dr. Christine Godinez Ortega, Acting Director of the Office of Publication and Information.

The papers and their authors featured in this issue are: “Incorporating Indigenous Conflict Resolution into the Philippine Justice System as a Means of Resolving Family Feuds among Muslim Filipinos” by David N. Almarez, Nikki Morshid M Dalidig, Hafsah M. Dimaronsing, Sheham S. Lucman, Elaine Q. Lumba and Mariam Allyssa M. Pacote; “Understanding Rido and the Maguindanao Massacre: Perspective from the Social Sciences” by Jamail A. Kamlian; “Eradicating Child Labor: A Challenge to the Philippine Bureaucracy” by David N. Almarez, Faisah R. Pandita and Jan Lianne M. Ozaraga; “Mindanao’s Child Laborers: A Proposed Intervention Program Design for the Community, GO’s and NGO’s by Alma G. Maranda; “Factors Affecting Health Care Expenditure” by Lady Lu D. Marapao; and, “Sidewalk Management in Support for an Environmentallyy Sustainable Transport (EST) Initiative” by Metodia M. Trinidad and Jose A. Castro.

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