Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is among the pioneer departments of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy.

Over the years, it has demonstrated high levels of engagement and dynamism in delivering its programs, in conducting research, and in reaching out to the community. It has spearheaded the integration of entrepreneurship not only in its programs but in technology programs as well. Today, its program offerings have been updated to respond to the opportunities posed by Industry 4.0 as well as to the priorities of the national government.

Marketing Department Programs

Bachelor of Science in

Business Administration major in Marketing Management

The BSBA major in Marketing Management is a four-year degree program designed to keep up with the demands of the local and the international business environment. It aims to produce a globally competitive graduate who can apply the basic concepts of the functional areas of business (marketing, finance, human resources management, production, and operations management, information technology, and strategic management) and employ these concepts in various business situations.

Bachelor of Science in


The BS in Entrepreneurship program is envisioned to provide entrepreneurial career opportunities to students by possibly continuing and growing the businesses they have started while in the program. This offers students the chance to contribute to the economy by creating jobs for others.

A terminal requirement to earn the degree is a one-year actual hands-on business experience that provides graduating students the opportunity to put up their own micro-enterprise, raise capital, engage in production, market their products/services, and manage their human and financial resources. So, students do not only learn but also earn.