by Rhea D. Febro

Dr. Judith A. Magnetico of the Department of Teacher Technology Education (DTTE), College of Education delivered the keynote speech at the International Conference on Economics, Education and Humanities in Kuta-Bali, Indonesia on December 10-11, 2014.

Magnetico’s speech dealt with Family Relationships and Home Management.

During the conference, she also presented her paper entitled, “Legally Married and Live-In Couples: A Comparative Study of Family Union Styles among the Residents of Puroks 1 and 8 in Barangay Santiago, Iligan City.” This study aimed to know if there is a significant difference among the two types of family union couples, the “Legal” and “Live-In” based on some predetermined factors.

The conference was managed and sponsored by the International Center of Economics, Humanities and Management from diverse memberships from America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa, and is assisted by the University of Quebec, Canada.

Judith A. Magnetico

Topics : education  international conference