Orange&Bronze Software Labs, Inc. highlighted the Mindanao-wide IT Roadshow through a seminar about the usefulness and power offered by Google technologies.

The seminar was part of the event organized by the School of Computer Studies (SCS) at the MSU-IIT Mini-Theatre last February 17. Discussions included subjects on the different Google Technologies, Agile Methodology, and Augmented Reality.

Orange&Bronze (O&B), a premier software company in the country aiming for its presence internationally in the field of technology, software development, and training, toured major universities in Mindanao before proceeding to the MSU-IIT. Being local enterprise partners for multinational corporate giant Google Inc., the company culminated its seminar with an examination for the recruitment of junior and senior SCS students.

Lending importance to their company’s presence were O&B’s top honchos Mr. Calen Martin D. Legaspi, Chief Executive Officer, and part-owner Mr. Butch Landingan, Chief Technology Officer.

Landingin demonstrated the use of different powerhouse Google applications like Google Apps Engine, Google Maps, and Android. He also presented some of their company’s software systems and other applications derived from Google technologies, like, a real-estate search software, and Layar, an augmented reality location search software. Landingin capped his talk demonstrating how to develop a simple open-source android application using Google Apps Engine, Android Emulator, and Python programming language.

Legaspi and O&B hopes for recognition and the support of government through ICT roads and seminars to help fast track the careers of students and software developers in information technology.

Commented Legaspi: “Thanks to people like Cong. Manny Pacquiao, Arnel Pineda, and Charice, we Filipinos have been gaining international recognition by excelling in fields like sports and entertainment. But we have not really made a mark in the field of technology, let alone in software development.”

Orange and Bronze at MSU-IIT

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