by Lemuel Clark Velasco

As the Institute strengthens its capabilities to be globally competitive, internationalization efforts have been one of the priorities through visiting lecturers and international collaborative linkages. During the last quarter of 2018, Eric Estenzo, an art director based in Los Angeles, California completed a professional development exposure program with the MSU-IIT Innovation and Ecosystem. Estenzo, who finished a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design, a premier design institution in Providence, Rhode Island, USA that offers a dual degree program with Brown University, conducted a full round of exposure and technology transfer activities with MSU-IIT. Being an art enthusiast, Estenzo found time to observe rehearsals of MSU-IIT’s resident theater group, the Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG) and was inspired to collaborate with FAB LAB Mindanao and the MSU-IIT Bamboo Technology Resource Center in the implementation of design thinking and hands-on workshops on indigenous materials manipulation. With the aim of sharing his years of experience as an art director for hollywood sets, Estenzo not only conducted digital fabrication trainings in FAB LAB Mindanao but also participated in the Fireside Chat Lecture Series of MSU-IIT’s Technology Business Incubator, Ideya, where he discussed social entrepreneurship. During the conclusion of his fellowship last November 28, 2018, Estenzo, a half Filipino, expressed his deep gratitude to the MSU-IIT administration for the engagement opportunity with a promising innovation ecosystem that aims for significance above excellence.

Topics : fablab