by Jerson Aboabo and Allen Ramiso

Any form of human endeavor demands an intent, devotion and practice. No one reaches the peak of a desired goal without having an initial idea of what it is, possessing the drive to pursue it and taking time to act on it regularly. Such is the impetus that moves people to attain the height of their ambitions.

Envisioning excellence has become an ideal of many educational institutions. MSU-IIT, College of Education aspires to provide quality standards of services to their constituents. To be in the toplist of excellent schools in the country entails persistence in maintaining quality standards. The process of achieving eminence does not happen in just a quick nap, but it actually begins with the right motivation. Furthermore, this also means keeping everyone attuned to its vision, as well as aligning personal and organizational goals.

For this reason, four faculty members were sent to complete graduate and post-graduate studies and now has returned to CED, their beloved home. These young and competent professors are Roxan A. Consolacion, Ed.D., Shelanne Theresa P. Ruales Ed. D., Avril Joy V. Ramayan, and Vanessa B. Zabala.

Dr. Consolacion graduated Doctor of Education in Instructional System and Resource Management last March 2019 at University of San Jose- Recoletos, Cebu City. She was a K to 12 Transition Program Scholar sponsored by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Having gained a lot experiences from her studies, Dr. Consolacion sees this opportunity to initiate innovation in the college. She aims to become a productive and successful faculty in terms of research and extension.

Dr. Ruales, a graduate of Doctor of Educational Sciences at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium, has insightful experience working in a research lab of about 20- 25 people, where she was the only Filipino and one of the two Asian post-graduate students. She was amazed automated the procedures and processes in her university. Enrolment is fast and the ID card is delivered by post in one’s home. Aside from these academic activities, being able to travel to different countries was something she always looked forward to during breaks. With her comeback, Dr. Ruales is planning to continue the research she did during her doctorate and collaborate with her PhD supervisors. Thus, she is excited to share with her students the things she learned during her doctorate and hopefully inspire them to study their Masters or PhD in the same university where she studied.

Through the years, the College of Education has supported its faculty force in achieving personal and professional development to gain expertise in the field they are teaching. This also demonstrates the strong commitment of CED faculty members to uphold the ideals of the university.