MSU-IIT Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe is the first cultural dance troupe in the Philippines to perform back-to-back with the Bayanihan National Folk Dance Company during the Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival in Yilan, Taiwan, Republic of China on October 14-20, 2008.


“Bayanihan National Folk Dance Company dance as a profession, MSU-IIT Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe dance with passion.”

Paricia Chin
Chairperson, Spring Pond
Cultural Company, LTD.
Taipe County,
Taiwan, R.O.C

“MSU-IIT Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe has an excellent performance noted for their slow body movements in perfect rhythm to traditional Filipino music.”

National Center for Traditional Arts
WUJIE Township, Yilan County
Taiwan, R.O.C

“Stunningly Stellar Performance.”

Dance Department of National Taiwan University of Arts
Council for Cultural Affairs
Taiwan, R.O.C

“Exceptional Cultural Performances during the 2008 Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival.”

Ambassador Antonio I. Basilio
Resident Representative & Managing Director
Manila Economic & Cultural Office
Taiwan, R.O.C

“The spectacular cultural performance of the MSU-IIT Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe have made an impression on the Taiwanese audiences during the festival, and allowed them to gain a better understanding of the Philippines.”

Ko Chi-Ling
Director, Taiwan Traditional Arts
National Headquarters
Yilan, Taiwan, R.O.C

“KALIMULAN thru dances touch the hearts of their Taiwanese audience, Kudos and congratulations!”

Ma. Leah Bartolome Kalina
Freelance Feature Writer
Quezon City, Philippines