by Marietta Esperanza P. Cruz

The Intellectual Property Unit-Innovation and Technology Support Office (IPU-ITSO) of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension (OVCRE) in collaboration with MSU-IIT CHED – Phernet and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) will be conducting a Patent Drafting Writeshop on August 26-28, 2014 at the College of Nursing Conference Hall.

With the advent of globalization and the race for global competitiveness, there is growing pressure for HEIs to support and assert their role in the national innovation system by transforming R & D results into commercially valuable innovations. The protection of these intellectual properties (IPs) generated by researchers is vital in the dissemination and commercialization of knowledge and technology.

IPOPHL’s Patent Examiners Rosa M. Fernandez, Eric C. Paden, Emmanuel M. Mendoza, Kristine Marfe S. Amer will conduct the writeshop. The resource persons will be assisted by the ITSO Technical Team of MSU-IIT.

The writeshop is an excellent opportunity for participants to learn how to draft patent applications.

Invitations have been sent to the different colleges for the writeshop. Researchers are invited and are requested to bring to the writeshop their research results to be drafted into patent applications which will be registered at IPOPHL. (M.E.P. Cruz, IPU-ITSO for OC-OPI)

Topics : research and extension  ipu-itso