Beyond the narrative of a family’s turmoil, Ming Ming, the Palanca-award winning play by Steven P.C. Fernandez, drew in large audiences and addressed issues of peace, conflict, and social reform after completing a 19-show run last July 23 to 30 at the MSU-IIT Mini Theater.

The play provoked ramifications beyond theatre and art and engaged jam-packed audiences that stayed for inter-actions after performances. The discussions were spirited, as expected of a play that has invited controversy, it being set close to home.

But as the playwright revealed: “Because Art mirrors society, Art is there to disturb,” the many who experienced IPAG’s masterful handling of the material easily agreed to the play’s impact. Even after curtain call, many in the audiences were left stunned and in tears.

The play narrates of a family’s quest for peace, love, and liberty untangling a web of remorse and unfulfilled hopes. Set in the dimension of the afterlife, MingMing, the main character, returns to unfold the darkest secrets of her family.

In its road shows, the play has gathered a spate of acclaimed reviews, many acknowledging it a masterpiece and Mindanao’s best written Post Modern piece.

The acknowledged reputation of the IPAG, considered a leading Philippine theatre company, drew in the crowds – 17 standing-room-only performances of these 19 shows in seven days.

In the cast were IPAG’s veteran thespians Hobart Savior, Diane Therese Clemente, Venus Tan, Jean Graciela Penola, Orwel Obach, Kenn Erwin Velasquez, and Leilani Fernandez. Alternating roles were played by Michael Lagura and Blesy Cece.

Managing the production were Arlem M. Abanes (Production Manager), Hermie Dico (Stage Manager), JV Espenido (Marketing), Vicmar Paloma (Technical Director and Designer), and the technical team of Rodel Abellanosa, Mark Saura, and Glenmark de Gracia, and Jovanney Lapasigue.

Ming Ming was directed by Fernandez who also wrote and recorded its music score.

Supporting the production were the MSU-IIT, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation, the Cultural Development Office, School of Computer Studies, Vice Mayor Henry Dy, Mighty King Lending and Investors, Councilor Michelle Sweet, and Krisland Commercial.

(Photo credits: Nolly Ceballos and IPAG)

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