The Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG), the MSU-IIT resident theatre company, performs as Philippine representative to the 7th UNESCO-International Theatre Institute Asia-Pacific Bureau Festival in Shanghai and Beijing in May 2014.

IPAG performs a multi-media treatment of Steven P.C. Fernandez’s “Suhi,” an adaptation of the Oedipus story. The play’s condensed treatment from the original – set for the IPAG 37th Season in July – will use dance, chants, and visuals in the offing in Shanghai.

Performances among leading drama universities in the region include entries from Chulalongkorn U, Singapore’s La Salle College, Korean National University of the Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta, Mongolia State University, Taipei National University of the Arts, Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts, and host Shanghai Theatre Academy, among many others. Ateneo de Manila is the only other Philippine member of the Bureau.

IPAG was elected to Bureau’s Board of Directors last year in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam. It was first introduced as a guest school in 2012 in Taipei.

Fernandez joins the Directors Forum with a paper “Theatre Forum as Cultural Badge.” IPAG will also conduct a workshop on its pedagogy to faculty and students of participating universities.

Besides Fernandez who leads the delegation, IPAG includes performers Arlem Abanes (also Production Manager), Hermi Dico (also Stage Manager), Leilani Fernandez (also choreographer), Michael Lagura, Julius Hechanova, Blesy Cece, and Vicmar Paloma (designer and technical director).

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