by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC

IN ORDER to sustain its gains and to position itself to make that jump into the future, the Institute is implementing a revised organizational structure that is envisioned to improve efficiency and increase productivity. 

Under this reorganization, the Institute aims to address new and expanding services and functions; regroup related functions for better supervision; decongest certain offices; improve flow of communications; and achieve uniformity in naming of offices.

The reorganization also comes on the heels of change to the Institute’s stature, from a leading Mindanao educational institution to the university that breaks into the Top 500 Best Universities in Asia List in the rankings released last year by the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

The adjustments to the organizational structure of MSU-IIT – that include the creation of three new offices – are approved for implementation by the MSU Board of Regents earlier in the year in Resolution No. 50, Series of 2019.

The three new offices created are the following:

 1. Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Services (OVCSS); 

2. Office of Residential and Food Services (ORFS); and 

3. Office of Monitoring and Evaluation (OME).

The OVCSS oversees all matters pertaining to students and student services, and is intended to be a kind of one-stop shop for student concerns.

It exercises supervision over the other newly-created office, ORFS, as well as four other existing cost centers.

The ORFS shall be the office that supervises and monitors the canteens and food stalls, and handles all matters and concerns pertaining to accommodations at the dormitory and the hostel. 

The creation of the OME brings to four the offices to be supervised by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development (OVCPD). 

The OME is necessary to enable the OVCPD to fully deliver its core functions. 

The prompt and efficient delivery of the Institute’s core functions also lies at the heart of this reorganization.

Thus, to enable the Institute’s head office, the Office of the Chancellor (OC), to effectively carry out its functions, it is decongested, and the offices under its direct supervision reduced.

The reorganization also makes the Premiere Research Institute for Science and Mathematics (PRISM) and the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM) line offices directly under the OC and aligned with the colleges. 

The Cultural Development Office (CDO) is dissolved and its functions and personnel are absorbed by the Center for Culture and Arts (CCA).

The CCA is the former Culture and Arts Studies Center (CulArtS-C) which experiences a change of name under the naming scheme adopted by the reorganization.

Under this scheme, the naming of cost centers is made uniform by first describing the nature or category of the unit (Office/Center/Division/School/College) and then adding the description or label of such unit.

So, to achieve clarity and avoid confusion in the naming of units, the following offices are renamed under the reorganization:

Current NameNew NameAcronym
Office of the Campus SecretaryOffice of the Institute SecretaryOIS
Budget Management OfficeOffice of the Budget ManagementOBM
Office of Publication and InformationOffice of Public InformationOPI
Legal Services Office Office for Legal ServicesOLS
Information and Communication Technology CenterCenter for Information and Communication TechnologyCICT
Registrar’s OfficeOffice of the Institute RegistrarOIR
Manila Information and Liaison Office MSU-IIT Liaison OfficeMILO
Alumni Relations and Placement OfficeOffice of Alumni Relations and PlacementOARP
Sports Development OfficeOffice for Sports DevelopmentOSD
Department of Student AffairsOffice for Student Development ServicesOSDS
Institute LibraryOffice of the Institute LibrarianOIL
Guidance and Counseling Center Office of Guidance and CounselingOGC
National Service Training ProgramOffice of National Service Training ProgramONSTP
MSU-IIT Center for e-Learning Center for MSU-IIT e-LearningCMeL
iDEYA: Center of Innovation and TechnopreneurshipiDEYA: Center for Technopreneurship InnovationiDEYA: CTI
Center for Human Rights EducationRegional Center for Human Rights Education RCHRE
Medical and Dental Health Services DivisionOffice of Medical, Dental, and Health ServicesOMDHS
Quality Assurance Management Services OfficeOffice of the Quality Assurance Management Services OQuAMS
Institutional Planning and Development Services OfficeOffice of Institutional Planning and Development ServicesOIPDS

The naming scheme, however, is not strictly enforced as certain offices retain their names.

The reorganization also sees several offices under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) and one from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (OVCAF) transferred to the OVCSS. 

The offices transferred to the OVCSS are OSDS, OSD, and OGC of OVCAA, and the OMDHS of OVCAF. 

Also as a consequence of the streamlining efforts, and as part of the move to put under one roof all administrative and finance-related units, the supervision of the Office of the Budget Management (formerly Budget Management Office) is transferred to the OVCAF.

According to Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol, the changes to the organizational structure are necessitated by the need for MSU-IIT to continue to innovate and to provide leadership that inspires valuable and positive change.

Topics : organizational structure