Thirty-two (32) alumni hurdled the CPA Licensure Examination given by the Board of Accountancy of the Philippine Regulation Commission in October 2009. A total of 45 candidates took the exams resulting in 67% passing rate, the highest so far over the past five (5) years. Seventy-two percent (72%) of the passers are first-timers, again the highest registered rate over the same period.

The Institute passing rate is the highest rate in the MSU System. The main campus followed with 59% and the General Santos campus with 51%. The national passing rate is 41.68%, the highest so far in the history of the CPA board exams. The Institute margin over the national average is 25.32%.

In the May exam the Institute passing rate was 42% against the national rate of 28.88%. In October 2008 the Institute posted 54% rate, an 18% margin over the national rate of 36%.

The Department of Accountancy attributes the increasing passing trend to the positive effects of the qualifying examination, the conduct of in-house review classes, and the strict implementation of higher grading cut-off in all board exam subjects.

2009 CPA Licensure Examination Results:

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