An Intellectual Property Advisory Council (IPAC) was created recently to handle cases on Intellectual Property (IP) rights in keeping with the IP Policy of 2012 for a Mindanao State University System (MSUS) application approved by the Board of Regents (BOR Res. No. 6 S. 2012).

The IPAC will serve as the oversight committee on the management of the Institute’s IP by the OVCRE IP Unit. It is likewise tasked to interpret IP policy; to resolve disputes in the interpretation of such but refers unresolved cases to the Chancellor for a final decision.

The IPAC also reviews and endorses license agreements negotiated by the IP Unit even as it reviews periodically the patent management and licensing practices of the Institute as well as recommends amendments to the IP Policy in the future.

The following constitute the IPAC: Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension (VCRE) Dr. Jinky B. Bornales (Chair); Dr. Franco G. Teves for the OVCRE Department of Research; Ms. Marietta Esperanza P. Cruz (IP Officer); Phyllis Marie Teanco (Legal Office Representative); Atty. Nathaniel C. Tarranza (Legal Officer/Technical Expert); and the rest of the Technical Experts: from COE -Atty. Edgar Allan A. Donasco; Dr. Maria Sheila K. Ramos; Prof. Olga Joy Labajo-Gerasta; and, from CSM – Dr. Evelyn C. Creencia; Dr. Reynaldo M. Vequizo; and, Prof. Henry I. Rivero. CGO for OC-OPI

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