Jessa Capadiso
Jessa Saavedra Capadiso

April was the worst month in my life. I lost my job at a call center in Cebu, because I resigned and went back home in Iligan to save my relationship with my boyfriend, but failed. I had been mourning for two months for my loss, and after a heart-wrenching experience I revived myself. I was desperate to move on and to find a challenging position, so I went back to Cebu to look for another job.

In the past, I worked in a call center as a technical chat support representative for 8 months. Anyway, I was afraid to move in Manila and start over again. I have fears that I may not be able to adjust to the place, working environment, people and culture. Living up to my employer’s expectation was my greatest fear since the kind of job was totally different from my previous one.

By scanning through our school website, I was so amazed at how many jobs were available. IIT jobs database offers a lot of job and save a lot of time for me as a graduate/applicant. I researched several other job sites- and I have to tell you that this is the best service on the internet, because it helped graduates like us getting a job. Those job vacancies were posted by IITians who held higher position in the company. IITians help IITians.

Two weeks after submitting my resume in response to a job opening, I received phone call from Mr. Allison Alfeche and I got a preliminary interview right away. After a month, I was notified again for skype interview with Singaporean manager Wilfred Teo. However, I was so blessed to have met Mr. Allison Alfeche who held the current position of country manager of XTech-RBN as well as IIT Alumni President in Laguna chapter.

Jessa Capadiso, Darwin Manubag, Allison
 and Alumni

Within a week, I had accepted a very challenging position. I was offered greater opportunity than I had in my previous job. And best of all, I am now employed in a reputable company XTech-RBN. I worked with great people in XTech-RBN as a Customer Service Coordinator. So far, it feels so good to be learning while growing with the company.

Thank you so much. Keep helping IITians. IITians rule!

Full name: Jessa Saavedra Capadiso
Home Address: Purok Bagong Lipunan, Mahayahay, Iligan City
Current Address: (Unit 5) 41 LT Sampaguita Ave. Villa Adelina II Subdv Pulo, CA Laguna

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