Gabriel S. Billones Jr. attended the East Asia Climate Leadership Training after having been selected as one of the 2 Philippine representatives in this meet in Indonesia and Singapore last July 8 to 13, 2012.

The workshop sponsored by the, also called Training for Trainers, shapes the leadership potentials of future climate change activists who will form their own action plans in their respective countries. The training provides a deeper involvement in climate issues, recapitulates the current developments in this endeavour, besides creating a networking base with international environmentalists.

350 is a global movement which aims to reduce the carbon emissions for each country to reach the 350 levels (the safe upper limit of carbon emissions), hence the name.

Immersions, field trips, lectures, cultural presentations, action proposal planning, and group simulations were some of the major highlights of the workshop.

Billones having been appointed Focal Person of 350 Mindanao conducts seminars and workshops in Iligan City to create awareness about the status of Climate Change. He is also the founder of Iligan Young Environment Advocates, a group that supports volunteers for the city’s environmental projects in supplementing awareness through the multimedia.

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