by Rex Godinez Ortega

A five-day full custom integrated circuit (IC) design layout training is in the works for next month that will target electronic, electrical, and computer engineering faculty of other colleges or universities.

The training will be conducted by the Department of Electronics, Electrical, and Computer Engineering of the IIT’s College of Engineering and Technology at the college’s own micro-electronics laboratory on November 21-25, 2016.

The full custom IC design layout training is designed to give the participants hands-on experience on IC design using the industry standard tool.

Dr. Zenaida G. Gersana, director of the Commission on Higher Education’s Region 10 office in Cagayan de Oro City, said in a memorandum issued in September that the activity is in support of the call to strengthen the electronics and semiconductor industry of the country.

“As the Philippines slowly becomes known as a location for IC design activities and the number of multinational semiconductor companies increase, there has been a shortage of skilled human resource,” she said.

Filling this shortage, according to Gersana, may be done through “development of skilled research and development personnel by improving microelectronics education and through the IC design training.”

The full custom IC design layout training is actually the third in a series given by the EECE Department that started with the Analog IC Design Training in July 2015 and the Operational Amplifier IC Design Training in January 2016.

It will have as resource persons and trainers engineering faculty members Prof. Jefferson A. Hora and Prof. Allen C. Lowaton, and School of Computer Studies faculty member, Prof. Nieva M. Mapula.

The training is organized in cooperation with the Iligan Bay Chapter of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines.

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