by Datu Mikee P. Maruhom, OPI

Gone are the heydays of Cebuano singers Pilita Corrales and Yoyoy Villame, whose Sebuano songs were popular hits in the country years before.

This turn of events has not stopped Ms. Telet Amba in pursuing another career, as a singer of Sebuano songs. In December 2015, Amba has launched her album of Sebuano songs.

Not known to many of IIT constituents, Amba is part of our Institute Library workforce.

Amba began this journey unexpectedly. She had joined a Facebook group of mga magbabalak (local poets), displaying her talent. Then the challenge came when she was asked by a fellow magbabalak to perform her own rendition of the Sebuano song “Sa Mahal Mong Kasingkasing”, a composition loved by its composer, Efren Tarongoy.

Her singing voice so impressed the composer Tarongoy that Amba was instantly offered to perform his songs so Amba traveled to Cebu City for a recording.

Her first musical album “Antolihaw” is already available in two versions (pop and classical style), and has the following songs: Sa Mahal Mong Kasingkasing, Antolihaw, Siya ug Ako sa Kangitngit, Kon Talikdan Mo, Ang Bugtong Damgo Ko, May Naghilak sa Langit, Dongari Ka Day, Kapunongan Sumbanan, Kinabuhing Banikanhon and Amahan Namo.

During the interview, Amba wished for the support of local artists in reviving the local musical industry.

She visited the OPI to promote her album which is on sale. Part of the proceeds will go to the Sendong Deus Caritas Village in Iligan City.

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