by RGO

The Institute body that receives complaints regarding sexual harassment on campus and investigates them has been reactivated with the signing of Special Order No. 1763-IIT issued on September 14, 2016.

The reconstituted Committee on Decorum and Investigation or CODI is also tasked to lead discussions on sexual harassment among faculty members, administrative/non-teaching personnel, and students to increase understanding and prevent incidents from occurring on campus.

The CODI is chaired by Dr. David N. Almarez, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.

Porf. Elmer Nacua, head of the Human Resource and Management Division and the one who recommended the reactivation of the committee, serves as its vice chairperson. Dr. Edward Banawa, Director of Student Affairs, is the secretary.

The other members of the committee are Atty. Felicidad C. Gadiano of the Department of Political Science; Dr. Jerson Orejudos, Institute Registrar; and the Presidents of the Faculty Union, the Association of Non-Teaching Employees Union, and the student government (KASAMA).

Ms Marilyn Nario of the Office of the Institute Secretary serves as the records-in-charge.

The CODI shall investigate sexual harassment cases in accordance with the procedure found in Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 01-0940 that prescribes the administrative disciplinary rules on sexual harassment cases. -RGO

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