by Maria Camilla Ann Llamas and Nenen Borinaga

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has dramatically affected the university’s operations, forcing most MSU-IIT employees to shift towards remote working. While many of them have adapted to the new ‘norm’, others are still struggling to adjust.

To meet this challenge, the Center for eLearning (MICeL), in collaboration with the Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT), provided a quick training to the employees. 

The assistant deans and college registrar representatives participated in the training that was held at the MICeL on May 7. The same training was also given to personnel of the financial units on March 25.

The participants were introduced to and trained in using the AnyDesk software that allows users to access their desktop computers at the office while they are at home. 

With AnyDesk, employees can still have secure access to important files, and work productively from home when it comes to preparing course offerings and faculty loading, and processing of payrolls. 

During the training, MICeL trainer Ms. Nenen Borinaga stressed the importance of workers getting a grip on helpful software programs and technologies as these would enable them to operate in the midst of any crisis.

The CICT Director, Assoc. Prof. Dante D. Dinawanao, together with CICT Database Administrator, Richard Micubo, assisted in and facilitated the training of MICeL.