by Rex Godinez Ortega

In a meeting that nearly never was, MSU-IIT’s Corps of Campus Ambassadors managed to catch the Miss Earth candidates during their brief sojourn to the Institute yesterday and impressed the visiting beauty queens so much for the latter to praise the ambassadors’ articulateness.

Five Campus Ambassadors engaged in a brief conversation the 10 Ms Earth candidates who arrived onboard an Iligan City government tourism bus at 2:40 p.m.

The Campus Ambassadors also handed out MSU-IIT brochures and copies of the Institute newsletter, Gazette, to the candidates who came from the countries of Chinese Taipei, Iraq, Denmark, Romania, Zimbabwe, Chile, Pakistan, Belize, England, and Hungary

However, the Campus Ambassadors were not able to give the visitors a tour of the campus as the City Tourism office, the agency in charge of the Ms Earth candidates’ stay in Iligan, did not plan to let the group stay long in IIT.

In fact, the candidates were seemingly just on a drive-by tour of the Institute, and skipped paying a courtesy call at the Chancellor’s Office where the Chancellor, Institute officials, and employees had been expecting them since 2 p.m.

Many of the employees waiting at the Office of the Chancellor, some with cameras at the ready, were very disappointed.

City tourism officials blamed the gaffe on an alleged miscommunication.

The Campus Ambassadors who were pulled out of their classes yesterday for the Ms Earth visit were nevertheless, happy for the experience of meeting – however briefly – other ambassadors from different countries campaigning for a greener Earth.

The Campus Ambassadors are an elite group of IIT students formed under the Campus Ambassador Program of the Office of Publication and Information (OPI). Students admitted to the program are evaluated for intelligence, articulateness, and leadership abilities.

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