by Rex Godinez Ortega

LIKE the celebrities that they truly are in the lives of their students, teachers from the Integrated Developmental School (IDS) of MSU-IIT are feted by their former students in a touching tribute organized by IDS Batch 1994.

The Tribute to Teachers that is held Thursday night (December 26) at the Go Hotels at Robinsons Place in Iligan sees the members of IDS Batch 1994 lavishing gifts and praises on their former teachers, and thanking them for sharing a part of themselves with their former students. 

“Tonight we pay tribute to you, our dear teachers, for molding us into who we are today,” IDS Batch 1994 President Mr. Frederick ‘Bojie’ Flores tells his former teachers at the tribute.

“You have made such a tremendous impact on our lives… [and] we are so grateful to you,” Flores continues.

To demonstrate this appreciation, Flores and his batchmates proceed to entertain their former teachers with songs and a big dance number that sees all of IDS Batch 1994 take to the dance floor.

IDS Batch 1994 member Ms Jenalyn Morales, who is the lead singer of the popular local band Jenzpeak, makes an appearance at the event and, to the delight of everyone, serenades the former and current IDS teachers present.   

Former IDS Principal, Prof. Lydie D. Paderanga, thanks IDS Batch 1994 for organizing the event. She likens students to seeds that are carefully nurtured and guided to grow right, and expresses her happiness at seeing how they have turned out.

Another former IDS teacher Prof. Gloria Madulara also gives a response during the tribute. She observes with delight how her former students have brought with them the values she and her fellow teachers have inculcated in them. 

She also observes with a naughty laugh how “many of you have grown sideways.”

Aside from Paderanga and Madulara, the other IDS teachers (former and current) who attend the tribute are Digna Padura, Lorda Carupo, Raymundo Ayop, Mariliz Crelencia, Antonio Lahoylahoy, Judith Magnetico, Rizaleo Larot, Esterlita Valmoria, Grace P. Liwanag, Jesus Lagrimas, Eduarda Monoy, Rebecca Ramos, Minda Sexon, and Sally Gonzaga. 

The Tribute to Teachers is the latest in a string of activities being organized by the IDS Batch 1994 this year which will culminate in their hosting of the December 28, 2019 Grand Alumni Homecoming of the MSU-IIT High School Alumni Association (MHSAA) to be held at the MSU-IIT Gymnasium.

IDS Batch 1994 is the second batch to take the Tribute to Teachers activity outside the campus in order to focus more on the activity. Batch 1993 is the first to do so in 2018.