by RGO

The Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) has been directed by Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol to develop the cash advance monitoring system that would allow MSU-IIT employees to keep track of their cash advances.

In a memorandum to the ICTC and several cost centers, the Chancellor tasked the ICTC to coordinate with the Accounting Division, the Human Resource Management Division, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance in developing the system.

The memorandum dated September 8, 2016, also ordered the ICTC to integrate the cash advance monitoring system into the MSU-IIT website’s portal /employee personal account after its development.

In conjunction with the ICTC’s assignment, the Accounting Division was also directed by the same memorandum to start inputting and updating the complete details of cash advances into the system. (RGO)

Topics : ICTC  cash advance  monitoring system