by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

Five MetEng graduates dominate top 10 Passers

Five IIT graduates rank among the top 10 passers of the October 2015 Metallurgical Engineers Licensure Examination, announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on the last day of exams, October 15.

The PRC simultaneously held the Licensure Examination in Manila and Davao on October 13-15 using a competency-based Computer-Based Examination (CBE).

There were 75 who took the national board exams and a total of 50 passed it. Out of the 50 passers, 27 made it out of a total of 48 examinees from MSU-IIT.

MSU-IIT is one of the only three schools in the country whose graduates took the board examination, along with University of the Philippines Diliman and the Mapua Institute of Technology.

The top passers from MSU-IIT were Marian Nida Sagarino Lumongsud (2nd place, 84.25 %); Ruvipearl Maranan Cubarol and R-Jay Atoc Enerio (6th place, 83.35 %); Neil Lonio Hayagan (7th place, 83.25 %), and Jasper Tangonan Castor (8th place, 83.10 %).

Prof. Ivyleen Bernardo-Arugay, Chair of the Ceramic, Mining, and Metallurgical Engineering Department expressed pride over the accomplishment of the graduates. On behalf of the department, she also congratulated the parents and mentors of the graduates over this latest feat of COE graduates.

Top 2 Placer Marian Nida Lumongsod speaks of her education in IIT as her passport to get where she is right now.

Lumongsod had the opportunity to study for a year abroad and this has opened her eyes “to see how important quality education is and how it could be the key towards the success of one’s country,” which is “what IIT has been providing its students through the years” she added.

“Becoming an IITian is already an outstanding achievement. The licensure examination result made me even prouder and grateful to my Alma Mater”, said Ruvipearl Cubarol. Her achievement, she said is a testament to the quality of mentors and teachers she has had.

Fellow sixth placer R-Jay Enerio also expressed great pride in the Institute’s dedication for academic excellence with the teachers that have helped them succeed and grow to become the professionals that his fellow graduates have become.

This accomplishment is yet again proof of IIT’s worth “to be regarded as a top-notch institution of the country”, said Enerio.

For Neil Hayagan, the Institute not only prepared him for the licensure exam, but also for his future career as an engineer in developing his potential to its fullest, especially on critical and logical decision making.

According to 8th placer Castor, IIT equipped him with the knowledge as his armor and the skills as his sword in emerging victorious at the board exam, making them soar to greater heights.

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