Professor Dr. Steven P.C. Fernandez, DFA, joins the Philippine panel when he presents his studies at the 20th Performance Studies International Conference at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, China on July 4 to 8, 2014.

About 400 Performance Studies specialists from 40 countries led by the acknowledged founder of this multi-discipline study, Richard Schechner of the New York University will converge in China for this meet.

Performance Studies, until recently an accepted multi-discipline study on performance studies is any kind of performance using the frameworks of Anthropology, Sociology, Semiotics, and the Sciences.

Fernandez will discuss his paper “Constructs and Categories: Proposing a PS Typology for Philippine and Asian Studies” in the panel “A Changing of the Guards and Other Tales of Exclusion: Communes of Critique.”

Fernandez, Director of the MSU-IIT Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG) and Humanities Professor in the College of Arts and Social Sciences, was recently in the same Academy with the IPAG representing the country with his play “Suhi” and in a director’s forum at the UNESCO-ITI Asia Pacific Bureau Festival.

Fernandez’s and IPAG’s wide international networking prepares the Institute for the country’s first Culture and Arts Studies Program, a proposal that is awaiting the approval of the MSU Board of Regents. Contributed news for OC-OPI

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