Steven Patrick C. Fernandez, IPAG Artistic Director and Professor in the College of Arts and Social Sciences, shared his learning experiences to an international gathering of theatre experts at the 1st International University Theatre Association (IUTA).

The historic meet of university-based theatre, gathered luminaries from the U.S., Turkey, Croatia, Bangladesh, France, Mexico, Belgium, Belarus, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Greece, and Estonia, including IUTA President Jean-Marc Larrrue who delivered his message.

Fernandez, representing the Philippines, read his paper “Recycling’ Myths as Theatre Pedagogy in Universities.” He was also the only invited speaker outside of Metro Manila.

Fernandez’s paper drew from his theories and praxis condensed from over 3 decades of theatre practice primarily with the Institute’s IPAG. Besides the IPAG, Fernandez is establishing the first Philippine center in the Institute that will focus on culture and performance studies, a program that is also supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

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