MSU-IIT at a Glance

The Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) is an external unit and one of the ten campuses of the Mindanao State University System. Established on July 12, 1968 as provided for by Republic Act (RA) 5363, the institute has continually provided quality education to thousands of students from almost everywhere in the Philippines.

Seal of Excellence

The seal represents the role of MSU-IIT in technological advancement. The solid circle represents the nucleus of scientific and technical knowledge upon which technology depends. The three graduated lines signify the increasing challenges and responsibilities a student in faces from year to year. The need for expansion, advancement, and excellence in technology is projected by the lines directed outward of the triangle, the symbol of stability. Red signifies the determination of MSU-IIT in pursuing her programs while yellow radiates a bright future ahead.








MSU System

Mindanao State University System is the only university in the Philippines with a special mandate of integrating the cultural communities, specially the Muslims into the mainstream of the nation’s socio-cultural and political life by providing them with opportunities for quality and relevant public education for their self development and providing trained manpower skills and technical know-how for the economic development of the Mindanao, Sulu (Basilan and Tawi-Tawi) and Palawan region.

MSU Campuses

  • MSU Main Campus
  • MSU Iligan
  • MSU Naawan
  • MSU Gensan
  • MSU Tawi-Tawi
  • MSU Buug
  • MSU Maigo
  • MSU Maguindanao
  • MSU Sulu
  • MSU Lopez Jaena