by Rex Godinez Ortega

AN EXPERT in the open-approach teaching method is currently on campus for a month-long scientific visit that is expected to benefit faculty and students of the Institute.

 Assoc. Prof. Auijit Pattanajak of Thailand’s Khon Kaen University is the guest of the Department of Science and Mathematics Education of the College of Education (CED). 

 CED Dean Amelia T. Buan says that the visit of Pattanajak is expected to capacitate education teachers and those from CED’s Integrated Developmental School (IDS) on  open approach and lesson study in teaching mathematics.

 The “open-approach” teaching method is an innovative approach that allows students to cultivate their mathematical intelligence. It fosters both the creative activities of the students and their mathematical thinking in problem-solving simultaneously. 

 “Pattanajak will also conduct action research to improve teaching practice on open approach implementation,” Buan adds. 

 Pattanajak, according to Buan, is also here to team teach with CED faculty members on graduate courses.

 She will also collaborate with the CED faculty members on providing pedagogical support to Department of Education (DepEd) in-service teachers to implement lessons that will help students think in Mathematics classroom, Buan says.

 Research consultation with undergraduate and graduate students is also part of Pattanajak’s activities during her visit. 

 “The visit would push MSU- IIT to propose innovation on the teaching of mathematics in Mindanao and on the delivery and training of the BSED, BEED and MSciEd students on mathematics and pedagogy courses,” Buan says.