by Irish Mae F. Dalona, CASS/OVCPD | Oct 28 2019

THE WEEK-LONG accreditation survey of the ten (10) programs of MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology by the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. concluded with an Exit Conference on October 26, 2019.

In her opening message, Dr. Amelia T. Buan, Dean of the College of Education, commended the dedication, hard work, and teamwork of the faculty, staff, and students of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), College of Computer Studies (CCS), College of Education (CED), and College of Nursing (CON). She said that these values helped everyone survived the grueling preparation of documents and anxiety-ridden interviews with the accreditors, whom she considers good listeners and ‘critical’ partners in the Institute’s pursuit to maintaining quality and excellence.

The accreditors, headed by Dr. Roque N. Langcoy, presented some of their impressions regarding the strengths of the programs under survey, and shared their recommendations on areas needing improvement. AACCUP’s official decision and the complete report of findings and recommendations are to be released on January 2020.

The impressions given were generally good; and the recommendations were not insurmountable, which only proved that with unremitting commitment to improve systems, policies, and programs, plus the overwhelming support from the administration, MSU-IIT is still on the right track of ensuring quality in education.

Dr. Pamela Resurreccion, Director of the Office of Quality Assurance and Management Services (OQuAMS), said that this AACCUP survey visit clearly attested the strengths of the Institute in all ten key indicators of a university that maintains quality standards. It also gave IIT significant leverage in the national and international academic landscape.

“The recommendations are very specific, making it easy for us to identify the steps moving forward to higher accreditation levels,” Resurreccion added.

The Exit Conference program officially concluded with the Chancellor’s appreciation for the AACCUP’s team of accreditors and the affirmation that, “there is that institutional desire to really move on and not even be contented of what we have now, but to continue moving forward for us, for the clients, and the public. For the people and for the development of the country. I promise that we will try our best to pursue this through good governance.”

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