The 4th International Annual Meeting on STEM Education (IAMSTEM 2021)

National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center, Taiwan

“STEM Literacy for New Asia” is the 4th International Annual Meeting theme on STEM education (IAMSTEM 2021). “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).” Interdisciplinary, integrated education has become an international trend all over the world. Strengthening students’ STEM literacy, interest in STEM, practical knowledge and experience of STEM, and STEM innovative ability through new STEM courses, […]

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19th MSU-IIT Annual In-house Review of R&D Projects

Google Meet and/or Zoom

Every year, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension through the Department of Research conducts the Annual In-house Review (AIHR) of R&D Projects conducted by our faculty, staff, and students. The AIHR serves as a venue for the discussion of the results and findings of R&D projects and identification of potential technologies already […]