Jean Graciela Penola, faculty member of the English Department, is in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, to attend the 2nd International Conference at the Wosk Center for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University on May 5 and 6.

In the conference organized by Interdisciplinary Theme, Penola will discuss the work of a colleague and Theatre Professor in a paper entitled: “The Images of Women in Three One-Act Plays of Steven Patrick C. Fernandez (A Study on Gender and Culture).”

Penola holds a Masters of Arts in Language and Literature (2009) from the Xavier University and has been active in creative productions as Artistic Director of the A.B. English Organization’s Playhouse. She too is an actor of the Institute’s Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG).

Her stint manifests the Institute’s formidable resources as a crucible of knowledge in the arts as she discusses her research about the works of another member of the faculty in the same department of the College of Arts and Social Sciences.

Her trip is funded by a grant from the Commission on Higher Education.

Topics : english