by RGO

Two scientists from Moscow’s Russian Academy of Sciences and one from the United Kingdom’s University of Hertfordshire are set to arrive in MSU-IIT in October as visiting professors.

Dr. Christine Cherry E. Solon, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, said that the visiting professors will meet with faculty and students, give research tips, and talk about collaboration.

Dr. Solon identified the visiting professor from the UK as Dr. Roland Perry who will be on campus from October 6-20, 2016.

Dr. Perry will give a crash course on Bio290 for graduate biology students and give a seminar on research ethics and techniques in scientific writing for faculty and students. 

Dr. Perry is a faculty of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences of the School of Life and Medical Sciences of the University of Hertfordshire.  

The University of Hertfordshire is a public research university located in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Dr. Solon also named the two professors from the Russian Academy of Sciences as Dr. Sergei Spiridonov and Dr. Elena Ivanova.

The Russian professors will give updates regarding the “on-going collaborative work” with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Spiridonov is a multi-published researcher with expertise in biology and zoology. Dr. Ivanova is an expert in agricultural plant science, cell biology, and microbiology.

Dr. Spiridonov and Dr. Ivanova will arrive in the Institute on the third week of October.


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