by Rex Godinez Ortega

In an effort to track electricity use to help reach its energy-saving goals, the Institute forms a committee that will conduct random spot checking of energy use in offices, and give recommendations to lower energy consumption within the campus.

The three-member Committee on Spot Check Rating for Electrical Energy Consumption is formed on October 19, and is headed by Dr. Noel Estoperez of the College of Engineering and Technology.

Current Faculty Union president Prof. Santiago Evasco and Physical Plant Division employee Mr. Jaypee Yongco are the other two members of the committee.

Among the committee’s tasks are to devise a procedure for the dissemination and the practice of energy-saving measures in the Institute, and conduct random unannounced checking of these practices.

The committee will rate the various cost centers’ use of electrical energy using the Spot Check Rating instrument from the Department of Energy, and give a report on their findings.

The committee is expected to submit its recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development for appropriate action.

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