by Vita P. Sinconiegue

             Lydie Paderanga delivering a message
Dr. Lydie Paderanga

Technology Integration Forum is another first of its kind in the College of Education which marked the culmination of the course Educational Technology B (Edtech-B) this semester. Planned and organized by the Edtech teachers led by CED-AVMC coordinator Prof. Amelia T. Buan, it was successfully held at CED-Amphitheater on March 14, 2009, with the theme Meeting the Challenges of 21st Century Classrooms.

The core of the event was the sharing of the implementation experiences of some invited speakers – teacher and student teachers of CED who were already implementing in the field the unit plans they have made during their Edtech B days. The speakers in the plenary session were Zarina T. Isla (Where in the World is Cinderella?) and Reina Karen M. Celestino (Project-based Learning on Teaching Photoelectric Effect). Moreover, the parallel session speakers were Cherrie May D. Escala and Juhaina Mohammad (Project-based Approach in Teaching Digestive System), Carlo M. Salimbangon (Microlesson on Teaching Charles’ Law), Adjanie G. Gallego and Aiza A. Jambongana (“Changing Paradise” (Causes and Effects of Environmental Destruction)), Carlos B. Llamas III (Telling Time), Mervin B. Bellezas (Teaching Motion Problem using Squeak), Ken Abraham E. Saluta (Micro-lesson on Teaching Circles), and Mae Ann A. Ratunil (Teaching Computer Literacy using PDRS Strategy).


The forum also highlighted the E-poster presentation of every Edtech B class, showcasing all the finished unit plans of the students.

Dr. Lydie D. Paderanga, CED Dean, graced the event and expressed her joy for the positive results of the school’s partnership with Intel Teach to the Future Program which has been helping teachers to be more effective and efficient especially in integrating technology in the classroom so as to make learning more meaningful for the students. She also challenged the student teachers to make wise use of what they have learned as they fulfill their profession in the future. Likewise, she gave her praises to the Edtech teachers who dedicated themselves in training the students well.

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