MSU-IIT CBAA eCommerce Expo

The MSU- IIT School of Computer Studies (SCS) with the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) has organized an e-Business Compendium on March 10, 2012, 1:00- 6:00 p.m., at MSU-IIT Mini-Theatre.

Information Technology (IT) used in business refers to anything that links with the use of computers. Business trends today call for updated and better use of IT to create data that can be stored and processed in computers. This system which highlights the importance of IT produces ease and order in the business process.

However, developments, global competitiveness, and complexities in the technology have deterred businesses to upgrade their strategies in their use of IT. Thus, there is the need to upgrade the competencies of business in their use of the technology.

The compendium will, therefore, discuss the impact of IT in the survival and growth of business in a growingly complex environment. Attending will be students taking up Business IT 1 and 5, faculty and guests speakers.

Discourses will be presented by Prof. Orven E. Llantos, Mr. Eddie Bouy B. Palad (“Philippine IT Laws and Legislature”), Mr. Arnel D. Zamayla (“Augmented Reality”), and Prof. Dante D. Dinawanao (“Business in the Clouds”). Students will present Business IT outputs.

eBusiness Compendium

The compendium will guide in effectively implementing IT and its role in business. Participants may better understand the computer-communication systems in business and young business people can respond to the challenges of the technology.

In the past years, concern was concentrated on how to cut costs in the use of IT. But as the economy improved, this concern has shifted to using IT to make business more productive as Information Technology has increasingly become a basic factor in business.

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