By Honey Swiert Y. Larayos

Imari Leen L. Roble and Julianne Maresse J. Roseco, senior students of the Department of Professional Education (DPRE), presented papers at the 2nd International Conference on Popular Culture and Education at the Hong Kong Institute of Education last December 7-10, 2011.


The students, among 100 participants from different parts of the world, presented their thesis, “Music Video Story Reading for Diverse Learners.” They were joined by their advisers Prof. Enrico C. Riconalla and Dr. Adelfa C. Silor.

The Centre for Popular Culture and Education (CPCE) is a focal point for research on popular culture and education in Hong Kong. Taking a broad view of popular culture and education, the Centre supports research in a variety of areas including New Literacies, Media Education, Digital Media and Learning, Learning and Play, and Public Pedagogy.

The Centre engages in three core projects: 1. Young people’s engagement with popular culture and digital technology and its implications for curriculum development and pedagogy in Hong Kong schools; 2. Public pedagogy and informal learning in globalized online spaces, and; 3. Pre-service teachers’ conceptions of popular culture and its roles in teaching and learning.

The conference featured key personalities in these disciplines joining Roble and Roseco whose study aimed to enhance the teaching methods for diverse learners to use multi-lingual Information Communication Technology (ICT). Their study revealed that learners got a very low score in reading comprehension with the use of the traditional story reading strategy. But with the use of the researchers’ reading strategy, the learners increased their reading comprehension in the inferential level.


The conference brought together researchers from various disciplines to focus on the implications of popular culture for practices in education to develop the youth. MSU-IIT’s participation puts forward the College of Education’s goal to provide the leadership in this field through innovative strategies.

Meanwhile, an invitation to present their study in Switzerland was extended to the researchers by Prof. Jackie Marsh of University of Sheffield.

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