by Adelfa Silor

Faculty members of the Department of Professional Education (DPRE), College of Education (CEd) presented their collaborative research outputs during the third International Conference on Cloud Computing and e-Governance (ICCCEG) on June 18-20, 2014 at Hotel Duxton in Saigon, Vietnam.

msuiit ced dpre - vietnam conference

The presenters were: Prof. Enrico C. Riconalla, Dr. Adelfa C. Silor, Prof. Giselle O. Dangdang, Prof. Ma. Faye M. Fajardo and Prof. Rebecca S. Galela.

Riconalla read the paper entitled “e-Facilitative Leadership and Management: A Perspective Towards Globalization”; Lucero read and discussed the paper entitled “Examining Teachers’ Attitude and Competence Towards Integration of Computer technology in the Classroom”; and, Galela also read and discussed the paper entitled “Attitude Towards ICT Integration and Level of Computer Competence Among English Teachers of Iligan City: Basis for ICT Enhancement Program”.

The rest of the delegates from MSU-IIT helped discuss their researches before delegates from Egypt, Israel, Australia, South Korea, India, Texas USA and the Philippines.

The ICCCEG 2014 was co-sponsored by Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculty and by many other universities and institutes. –by Adelfa Silor, CEd for OC-OPI

Topics : international conference  professional education