by Juhayna P. Salem and Norhayna Eryll M. Unte

MSU – IIT College of Education, particularly the Department of Science and Mathematics Education, conducted a series of webinars on the Trends in Educational Science Pedagogies on September 11, and 14, 2020.

Associate Professor Dr. Sasiteph Pitiporntapin, a visiting professor from Kasetsart University, discussed   Science Technology and Society (STS)  and  Socio Scientific Issues (SSI)  as a powerful pedagogy for the advancement of science education. STEM education and Design Thinking approaches were also discussed as a process of designing integrative lessons to promote creativity and innovation among students in science classrooms.. He shares the innovative products of his students in the implementation of these strategies in Thailand.

The two webinar sessions were a very productive and interactive virtual gathering between MSU-IIT and Kasetsart University.students. Four graduate students from Kasetsart University namely Vipavadee Khwaengmek, Waralee Sinthuwa, Ahamd Zaky El Islami, and Thanawat Samatsu shared their insights on the challenges and opportunities of STEM learning in Thailand context during the discussion in breakout sessions.  MSU-IIT graduate students also shared their key learnings and lesson plans using the SSI and STS approaches. 

The participants were allowed to view education in a lens of societal-relevance and application. Rublyn P. Fabre, a Ph.D. student, shared her insight that “STS and design thinking helps students become more creative and innovative. Although, as a teacher, it is our challenge to become familiar with STEM education to help students integrate knowledge and skills to solve a real-life problem and make innovation to society.”

The heart of scientific innovation is the society it serves and these webinars are the collective endeavors to equip teachers with pedagogical tools to better address socially relevant issues and build a community of innovators in science and mathematics education for better education and quality of life.