by Lynrose Jane Genon

The Department of Extension of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension (OVCRE) is leading efforts in building capacities and resilience of local communities and MSU-IIT constituents in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management through a series of activities and events from August to October 2019.

Enhancing community capacities is MSU-IIT’s response to the recognition that, indeed,  local communities are on the frontlines in both the immediate impact of disasters and the initial emergency response. MSU-IIT also recognizes that strengthening resilience is not only about disaster management but it is in fact an essential component of all emergency and development programming. 

Current research shows that local communities with sustainable livelihoods, health care and good access to public services are less susceptible to hazards and faster to recover in time of disasters. So, the  Department of Extension has made it a priority to ensure that building resilient communities is an integral part of its extension engagement and ensures that MSU-IIT’s  programs and projects work towards educating and building the capacity of local communities to reduce risks posed by disasters – both natural and human-induced, mitigate impacts and to quickly recover.  

BRC Project is working at all levels – from governance, policy, management, and practice while continuing to promote disaster preparedness and disaster mitigation. 

BRC 2019 emphasizes the significant role of the youth.  Hence, this year’s theme is Youth: A Vital Pillar of Community Resiliency.  This recognizes that young people are not only disproportionately affected by the impact of disasters but they are are also among the first responders in emergencies.  This highlights the importance of engaging young people in improving current efforts to build the society’s resilience and reduce the risks of disasters – both nature- and human-induced.