by Christine Godinez Ortega


From: The Office of the Chancellor-Office of Publication and Information
Subject: Declaration that MSU-IIT is safe after the alleged bomb threat on campus on September 22,2014

The MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) confirms that, as of 4:20 p.m.yesterday, Monday, September 22, 2014, its campus has been cleared of any security threats.

The MSU-IIT Administration would like to acknowledge the quick response of the Philippine National Police Bomb Squad and Police Supt Gerardo M. Rosales, the City Mayor’s Office and the City Mayor Celso Regencia, and the Philippine Military Bomb Squad with their K-9 units for their assistance to MSU-IIT’s Security Personnel in clearing thecampus of security threats.

Yesterday afternoon, all buildings and classrooms were vacated in 20 minutes by all students and MSU-IIT personnel as soon as the announcement of the alleged threat was made. The investigation and clearing operations of the campus were under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Adminsitration Dr. David N. Almarez, and the MSU-IIT Acting Security Chief Musanip A. Sarangani.

Classes were likewise suspended in the late afternoon and evening based on a Memo issued by the Office of the Chancellor (OC) and signed yesterday by the Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Jinky B. Bomales, Vice Chancellor for Research & Extension (OVCRE). There were no reported injuries to persons or damage to property regarding the incident yesterday.

Today, September 23, 2014, the MSU-IIT has resumed classes and all offices are operational. The MSU-IIT assures the public of its vigilance in addressing and monitoring the situation, especially in the advent of our City Fiesta preparations. It is strengthening measures for the safety of all its constituents.

DR. CHRISTINE GODINEZ ORTEGA Acting Director, OC-OPI Tel. (063) 2214056; 2232343


DR, JINKY B. BORNALES Vice Chancellor for Research & Extension and Officer-in-Charge

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