by Venus R. Parmisana

Dean Nora A. Clar welcomed the veteran and new faculty members from the different departments during the 2009-2010 First General CASS Faculty Assembly on June 8, 2009 at Political Science Training Center.

During the assembly, she introduced the Executive Committee members, namely: Prof. Nancy Q. Echavez – English; Dr. Marie Joy D. Banawa – Filipino and Other Languages; Prof. Melecita G. Baena-History; Prof. Elaine M. Baulete – Political Science; Dr. Cora E. Lim – Psychology and Philosophy; Prof. Amabelle B. Arquisal; Dr. Sulpecia L. Ponce – School of Graduate Studies (SGS) College Coordinator; and Prof. Manolita O. Regalado.

The chairpersons of the different departments introduced their respective colleagues. There are 113 faculty members in the college- a combination of tenured faculty, contractuals and lecturers . In the Department of English, there are 37 faculty members; History with 25; Filipino and Other Languages with 19; Sociology with 10; Psychology and Philosophy with 8; and 14 for the Political Science.

Dean Nora Clar stressed a couple of target programs under her leadership. As the host of the assembly- Prof. Venus Parmisana- put it, Dean Clar’s words can be aptly summarized with an acronym NORA.
N- “Not what CASS can do for you but what you can contribute to CASS or IIT.”
O- Openness – Everyone is encouraged to be open on just about anything for transparency.
R- Repair – Dean Clar will lobby some repair projects at CASS premise especially the Dean’s Office and the classrooms.
A- Accreditation – The college will pursue relative actions in preparation for the ACCUP Accreditation.

Assistant Dean Edwin Peter S. Hernando gave the closing remarks and pointed out, “I am full of optimism that with courage and determination, under our able and competent admiral- Dean Clar, we will sail smoothly across the ocean of challenges, and thus, safely reach the point of success.”

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