The MSU-IIT Cultural Development Office (CDO) through a grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) will host a Summer Institute for Cultural Workers in Mindanao on April 29- May 9, 2011.

Eight cultural workers from Mindanao who have had a least five years of experience in the field will be selected as fellows to the instituteThey will be exposed to the cultural environments of Marawi, Digos, and Sarangani.

The Summer Institute is a two-week on-the-road fellowship program for workers involved in arts and culture education. They will be trained in programs to mainstream cultural work for identity formation, community building, and sustainable development through informal, non-formal, and other alternative education (INFACE) initiatives.

The residency program situates the arts, culture, and heritage in the loci of identity formation, pride of place, creative industries, intellectual property rights protection, cultural resource management, knowledge structures, aesthetics education, and creative skills enhancement in service of development goals.

The MSU-IIT CDO partners with the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College of General Santos, an institution with an equally strong art and culture program. The College will host the General Santos leg of the program.

Specialists have been invited to share their expertise to the fellows among them artists from the MSU-IIT including IPAG Director Steven Patrick C. Fernandez.

Considered a pilot project of NCCA, the Institute should create a significant impact towards the realization of the NCCA flagship program, the Philippine Cultural Education Program (PCEP) subsumed in the INFACE projects.

Project Director is CDO Head Ms. Zayda O. Macarambon.

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