TFoCS Seminar 2011 - Alquine Roy Taculin
Prof. Alquine Roy Taculin

The 4th Teaching Foundations of Computer Science (TFoCS) Seminar held at the MSU-IIT last March 14 gathered participants from among the different institutions that deal with the information communication technology.

The annual TFoCS Seminar, an open conference and seminar-workshop series conducted by the Department of Computer Science (DCS), enhances the competence of participants as it teaches them the latest trends in Computer Science. The seminar, too, upgrades the teaching capabilities of the CS faculty.

Guided by the theme “Teaching Foundations of Computer Science: Algorithms, Programming and Some Applications,” the seminar discussed topics on functional programming, new developments in data structures, visual cryptography, USB workstation solutions for laboratory facilities, test-driven development, and agile software development.

Among the institutions participating were Xavier University, Capitol University (both in Cagayan de Oro), La Salle University (Ozamis), MSU – Naawan, MSU – Marawi, St. Michael’s College and St. Peter’s College (Iligan), and industrial corporations.

The seminar builds on the premise of the value of keeping knowledge up-to-date. This is particularly valuable especially in these times in the CS fields where the only constant is change. Taking parallel routes, educators and learners in this discipline need to keep in pace with current trends because relevance produces competence in CS/IT education.

TFoCS Seminar 2011

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