by Amerhesa M. Abapo and Mr. Stephen C. Fajardo

For seven years (2004-2010), the Institute’s average passing rates in the bi-annual Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Licensure Examination showed consistent progress.

In the October 2010 exams, the MSU-IIT ranked fourth among schools that had fifty examinees. Its 81.48% passing average was higher than the 48.4% national passing rate.

The CBAA’s passing rates in both the May and October batches yielded higher figures than the national averages. Except in 1997 when Institute passing marks fell below the national average, the trend since 1994 has been highly satisfactory.

In 2004, the rates went notches higher and were consequently sustained in the following years’ average to jump to an unprecedented high in last year’s results.

The May 2011 results indicate a plus 37 percentage point difference garnered by the MSU-IIT above the 40.5% national passing percentage.

These figures indicate the efforts of the Department of Accountancy of the CBAA to continuously strive for excellence in providing the essentials of education in Accounting. These efforts also improve the Institute’s standing among universities and colleges offering the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

With bated breath, the Institute awaits the results of the coming October 2011 licensure examination.

New Certified Public Accountants for May 2011

  • Bureros, Richard Jull S.
  • Candidato, Ma. Lannie Lou C.
  • Cardino, Carmel Manalo
  • Lobitana, Maricel O.
  • Omagbon, Jemeca P.
  • Orpilla, Izra Arra Mae O.
  • Varquez, Vida Victoria M.

National Passing Rate: 40.50%
MSU-IIT Passing Rate: 77.78%

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