Master in Business Administration

The Master in Business Administration (Thesis Track) program of MSU-IIT is designed to continue cultivating a profound understanding and analytical appreciation of theories and concepts on management and leadership as well as confidence in the application of various tools and techniques to effectively contribute to the goals of their respective organizations while considering the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0 as well as in leading organizational change – that is, in new enterprises developed, in private and public sector organizations, and in institutions of higher learning. In the process, the program is able to transcend – from raising the quality of management as a profession to making inclusive progress possible – because its graduates are equipped with higher levels of competence that ultimately results to approval and satisfaction of its stakeholders.

The Master in Business Administration program offers a well-balanced mix of theory and practice because the courses are delivered by faculty from the academe and industry practitioners. Furthermore, the diversity of the students in the program – composed of higher education institution teaching personnel and industry talents – provides valuable opportunities for sharing and learning/mastering Business Administration as a discipline. While the theories provide grounding for the students, the practical component provides context. Thus, students have more chances of engaging in worthwhile research projects that not only contribute to theoretical gaps but to application (industry) gaps as well.