by Elizalde D. Bana, College of Nursing

CON’s Coyoca is one of plenary speakers in sst Almuslim International conference on Science & Technology in Indonesia

Professor Gloria Sheila E. Coyoca of the College of Nursing was one of the keynote speakers during the 1st Almuslim International Conference on Science, Technology and Society held at the Almuslim University Bireuen, Indonesia on November 7-8, 2015.

She spoke on “Undertaking Global Health Issues through Research and Innovation”. During the plenary session, Coyoca also presented her research study on “Prevailing Problems of Exclusive Breastfeeding: Implications for International Roles of Health Professionals in Breastfeeding.”

“The learning experience that I had is incomparable; it made me realize that the nursing profession has a great contribution in the world of research in the sense that our studies have a direct impact on people’s lives. Moreover, this conference created opportunities of engaging in collaborative studies from other countries,” Coyoca said.

Aside from Coyoca, the four other speakers with varied expertise in their own disciplines were Gregory Vanderbilth (California, USA), “Religious Memory & Scientific Ethics after Hiroshima and Nagasaki”; Prof. Dr. Jamaluddin. M.Ed (Indonesia), “International Networking by Research Development and Technology”; Dr. Boriboon Pinprayong (Thailand), “ASEAN ICT Manpower: Case Study of Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam”; and Dr. Mohammad Ali Fulazzaky (Malaysia), “Water Quality Evaluation System for Assessing the Status and Suitability of the Citarum River Water for Various Uses and Its Aquatic Ecosystem.”

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