by Dani G. Ortega, CON

The College of Nursing on May 28, 2021 completed the last of its three part webinar series on Optimizing the Value of Clinical Nursing Practice in the New Normal Transition.

The three part event was done in collaboration with the MSU-Marawi Main Campus and was conducted via Zoom meeting on May 15, 21, and 28, 2021.

Series 1 of the webinar was on Mental Health Training and had Argie Jamaica Rivera, DPN, MAN, RN as guest speaker, a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at the Mohave Mental Health Clinic in Arizona, USA.

Rivera gave a thorough lecture about Psychopharmacology and Nursing Assessment in Psychiatry, sharing her experience as part of her initiative that she started early this year for constitutions in the Philippines, to assist Nurse Educators in terms of Related Learning Experiences.

Series 2 covered Care of Orthopedic Patients in the New Normal Setting and had, Christian Joshua Ruiz, RN as the resource person, a 2017 CON alumnus and currently a nurse practitioner at the Makati Medical Center.

Ruiz stressed the importance of having a good nursing foundation, developing that good clinical eye and coming up with a comprehensive Nursing Assessment when caring for patients.

Series 3 focused on Optimizing the Value of Clinical Nursing Practice: Neurological Nursing and had Anna Mae T. Maglinte, RN as guest speaker, a CON Alumna, and Clinical Practice Educator of The Princess Alexandra Hospital, UK.

Maglinte in her lecture shared interesting facts learned during this pandemic, of nurses and the nursing profession in that the presence of well supported and adequately trained staff is now seen as one of the most important resources in a health organization.

She compelled everyone in the profession to honor their contribution as a profession, by always striving for excellence in the practice of nursing using reflection and to always take care of one’s well-being through self-compassion and compassionate leadership.

Maglinte added that with the right impetus, nurses can step up to fill the gaps in the system, can be drivers of innovative change in the organization and the profession, and are capable of transforming the processes to meet the current demands.

The successful three-part Webinar Series was headed by CON’s Dr. Mae-Lanie O. Poblete, and along with other CON faculty, it was organized and conducted for the benefit of third year CON students taking up Psychiatric Nursing.

The extensive three part Webinar Series also had other CON nursing students in attendance and was also shared via Facebook livestream and in CON’s Webinar Series page.

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