Computer Applications Department


The Computer Applications program provides students the understanding of the design and development of hardware devices and software programs through specialized skills in Embedded System and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as to sharpen the mathematical analysis and produce patentable innovations to cater the demands of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in helping solve the emerging and future global problems.

Bachelor of Science in

Computer Applications

The Embedded Systems Track introduces the students to the theories and technologies associated with the computer fundamental concepts, analysis of electronic circuit products, microcontroller-based hardware design and implementation of computer programs used in the industry.

Career Possibilities

  • Web / Desktop / Mobile-App Developer
  • Embedded Software Specialist / Developer
  • Computer Application Instructor (Embedded Track)
  • Microcontroller Design Programmer/Developer
  • Entrepreneur in ICT Industry
  • Technology Development Researcher
  • Computer Vision Specialist / Developer
  • Hardware Test Specialist