By Alexander B. Calago

The MSU-IIT College of Nursing (CON) held its 1st Health Sciences Forum 2013 with the theme “Meeting the Challenges of Advancing Nursing administration and Enhancing Patient Care Management” on July 11, 2013 at the CON Hall.

The forum aimed to address the perennial problems encountered by nurses, patients and other health care professionals in the delivery and administration of health care services.

This year, the forum presented two graduate studies in nursing administration and another two in medical surgical nursing: “The Level of Knowledge of Ward Nurses on the Nursing Process and their Clinical Role Performance as Perceived by their Patients by Prof. Art Brian S. Escabarte; “Cultural Barriers and Level of Acceptance on the Administration of Child Health Care Services among Badjau Parents in Iligan City” by Prof. John Paul Ben T. Silang; “Employees’ Health-Promoting Lifestyles as Predictors of Health and Well-being in a State University of Northern Mindanao” by Prof. Khandy Lorraine B. Guerrero-Apsay; and, “Degree of Suspicion of Peripheral Artery Diseases of MSU-IIT Employees” by Prof. Jan Igor T. Galinato.

The College Research Executive Committee (CREC) headed by Prof. Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca, established the framework of the forum with the support of the CON faculty, staff, and students. The event was attended by the CON students. The keynote speaker, Prof. Roselyn S. Pacardo of Adventist Medical College talked enthusiastically on exploring current trends in international nursing research.

CON Dean, Prof. Clowe D. Jondonero said, “with its success in its inceptive stage, this annual event will serve as a an avenue for research enthusiasts, health care professionals, clients and community people to meet halfway in a forum that would present recent discoveries and evidenced-based-findings that essentially matters to health.”

“In 2014, Dean Jondonero added, the forum will become bi-annual and levelled up. See you in March 2014 for the 2nd Health Sciences Forum in a Regional Level.”

The Keynote Speaker Prof. Roselyn M. Pacardo with Prof. Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca and Prof. Roselyn M. Butalid.

The Plenary Speakers (L-R) Prof. John Paul Ben T. Silang, Prof. Khandy Lorriane B. Guerrero-Apsay, Prof. Art Brian S. Escabarte, and Prof. Jan Igor T. Galinato together with Prof. Roselyn M. Pacardo (center), Prof. Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca (in yellow poloshirt) and Prof. Roselyn M. Butalid (rightmost).

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