Already recognized a Center of Excellence for Teacher Education, CED has bagged another award: the 2010 CHED Outstanding HEI Extension Program Award.

The College’s extension program on ICT Integration in Education stood out over the programs of other participating schools in Region 10.

(As of press time, CHED has still to announce the date of the Awarding Ceremony.)

Since 2004, College using 21st century technology and collaborating with established institutions has been actively involved in promoting and sharing innovations in teaching. CED has partnered with Intel Philippines, Foundation for Information Technology in Education and Development (FIT-ED), Worldlinks, UP-NISMED, CICT iSchools Project, and the Department of Education (DepEd).

The CED with its partners has provided in-training for pre-service and in-service teachers and school administrators on ICT integration in instruction in the local, regional, and national levels. With competent trainers, CED has become a training hub for teachers in Mindanao. Recently, its Community of Learning (CoL) completed a workshop among DepEd teachers and administrators. Moreover, it has expanded its global presence partnering with UNESCO Bangkok in the recent Capacity Building Workshop on Project Based Learning and Telecollaboration.

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